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An easy printable spreadsheet-paste-able comparison of Top-MPG Non-hybrids (featuring Smartcar & Jetta)

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  1. 'EPA MPG' is from window sticker; customer MPG may vary; in 2008 the EPA revised MPG's down 20%
  2. 'Annual Fuel Cost' based on EPA MPG, 45% hwy + 55% city, 15K mi/yr, gas reg $2.30/gal, prem $2.40
  3. Sources of data (excepting '0-60 times') are and manufacturer Web sites
  4. Sources of '0-60 times' are,, and
  5. For models with both 2WD and 4WD, specs/cost for 4WD are shown
  6. For models with multiple engine sizes, specs/cost for smallest are shown
  7. Prices and data shown are for 2016 models except where year shown in 2nd row differs
  8. Data displayed is believed to be accurate; if you have questions or corrections please email us

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